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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Confessions of a Trekkie

Two years ago I would have considered myself a mild fan of Star Trek. Sure I'd seen all the movies, probably seen most episodes of the original series, had watched most of The Next Generation in its initial run, and occasionally watched Deep Space Nine. But the magic of Netflix changed all that.

For no particular reason that I can recall, I decided that it would be fun to start rewatching The Next Generation. I was just going to get the occasional disc and figured that with seven seasons of TNG at seven disks a season it would take me years to work through TNG. But I complete fell in lvoe with it and became obsessed and soon my queue was filled with TNG and I was getting five discs of TNG at a time. Next thing I knew I was biding for Reg Barclay action figures on Ebay.

Soon with in a few months I was all out of TNG so I moved on to DS9 and watched that series with equal speed. While inferior to TNG, DS9 is definitely my personal favorite especially the intricate plots of the later seasons. Way too many Ferengi centric episodes though. Once I was done with DS9 I started watching Voyager as the seasons came out on DVD this year and even though the series is highly mediocre for the most part I can't stop watching it. I just got the first disc of season 7 today.

Earlier this year I started watching the old two episodes on disk DVD of the Original Series but when word came of real TOS box sets I stopped getting those. Now thanks to Christmas gifts from my father I now own all three seasons of TOS.

Last fall I even started watching the much maligned Enterprise on UPN and found that I really liked it. The third season Xindi arc was a lot of fun and this season has turned out to be phenomenal. I really hope there is a fifth season. And of course I am looking forward to seeing the first two seasons on DVD in the future.

All tolled in the past 22 months I have watched 10 Star Trek feature films and 572 episodes of the various Star Trek series on DVD or on the air with another 48 episodes of TOS in possession to be watched. That's pretty scary and definitely makes me a big Trekkie. But this evening I crossed the point of no return. I bought a Star Trek novel. A DS9 novel called Unity and I'm really excited to read it. Kill me now. Please. Really.

Now for a bunch of embarassing Trek top fives:

Series Rankings:
1. Star Trek: The Next Generation
2. Star Trek
3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
4. Star Trek: Enterprise (only based on seasons 3 and 4)
5. Star Trek: Voyager

Captain Rankings:
1. Picard (TNG)
2. Kirk (TOS)
3. Archer (ENT)
4. Janeway (VOY)
5. Sisko (DS9)I love the character but he's not a great captain.

Favorite Characters:
1. Spock (TOS)
2. Picard (TNG)
3. Gul Ducat (DS9)
4. Worf (TNG, DS9)
5. The Doctor (VOY)

Worst Characters:
1. Dr. Pulaski (VOY)
2. Neelix (VOY)
3. Kes (VOY)
4. Troi (TNG)
5. Chakotay (VOY)

Most Promising Yet Underdeveloped Characters:
1. Tuvok (VOY)
2. B'Elanna Torres (VOY)
3. Hoshi Sato (ENT)
4. Travis Mayweather (ENT)
5. Geordi LaForge (TNG)

Best Episodes:
1. Tapestry (TNG)
2. Mirror, Mirror (TOS)
3. The Visitor (DS9)
4. Far Beyond the Stars (DS9)
5. All Good Things... (TNG)


At 12/22/2004 12:53 PM, Blogger merychippus said...

I must admit to owning a number of Star Trek novel(ization)s (most of them TOS). Guess I passed the point of no return long ago. But 572 episodes! Holy mother of God, that's almost an episode a day! You go!

I still don't know why everyone hates Voyager. It's definitely preferable to DS9 as far as I'm concerned.

My versions of your lists:

Series Rankings:
1. TNG
2. TOS
3. VOY
4. DS9
5. ENT

Captain Rankings:
1. Picard (TNG)
2. Kirk (TOS)
3. Janeway (VOY)
4. Archer (ENT)
5. Sisko ain't a captain! :)

Favorite Characters:
Haven't really thought this one through. I like all your top 5. Call me a cheeseball, but I like Parris and Kim, too.

Worst Characters:
Likewise. I'd have to agree with Pulaski, Troi, and Chakotay. Yar ain't that great, either. I kind of like Kes. Seven ain't much of a character, really...

No lists of hottest guys and gals? :)

At 12/22/2004 3:57 PM, Blogger TerryBradshawisMyBitch said...

Please for the love of God put down the Star Trek. Almost an episode a day for two years is a little much dont you think. I don't think I'll be surprised if you will be at Christmas dinner in a one peice star fleet uniform or better yet in a full Kilgon suit and only willing to talk in Kilgon. You might get a thill in scaring the family. Hell I know I'll be very entertained.

At 12/22/2004 6:05 PM, Blogger successlessness said...

Voyager is not a bad show persay but the main problem is that notheing ever really happens on the show. With the exception of The Doctor no one really changes in the course of the series aand every episode is self contained. For a lot of episodes other than Janeway's haircut, Paris's girth, and there the presence of Kes or Seven of Nine there is no way to tell what season most episodes occur in. This contrasts greatsly with DS9 or TNG where almost every character changed greatly and alot of continuity.

Sisko eventual does be come a Captain in the middle of the series when the Dominion War starts heating up. I think the whole Sisko/Emissary thing is pretty cool but Sisko just isn't a compelling leader.

I like Kim and Paris too its to bad they were never given much to do which hindered them from becoming really good characters. Kim was especially neglected Why after 7 years is he still an Ensign?

Kes is lame and is very bad actress. Seven was a pretty interesting character in the first couple seasons she was on the show but eventually her character stagnanted like most Voyager characters.

I promise I will never dress in Star Trek garb.

At 12/23/2004 12:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are now one of us. Welcome, welcome. The bow used by the Organians in "Errand of Mercy" serves as our secret handshake.

"Unity" is a fine choice for a Trek novel, but it's kind of like a "season eight" finale -- you may want to read the preceding stories as well, at least the "Mission Gamma" arc.

My series ranking puts DS9 at the top of the pile and Voyager scraping the bottom. It didn't exactly suck, but it was the least interesting by a long shot. (And sometimes it did suck, let's be candid.)


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