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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I played pub trivia at the Old Pequliar tonight with a bunch of friends including keith and Grumbles. We had to split into two teams because there were two many of us. My team was called Personality Crisis and Grumbles team was called (as always) Faces of Defeat. While we struggled a bit on the figure skater picture round Personality Crisis was in second place at half time with Faces of Defeat not far behind. In the second half we continued our success by nailing some tough questions in the TV round including one about Magnum P.I.. Our perfromance was just good enough for us to win! We won $140 and split it with Faces of Defeat. After trivia was over stuck arond for an hour or so and chatted. Thong provided the highlight of the evening by putting some Toby keith on the jukebox and then telling us his plans to get people arrested by misusuing stolen neighborhood broadband. The plan was far to nefarious and hilarious to even mention here. I also found out that Grumbles' friend Kate went to Davis High School in Yakima with my brother and even went with him to a high school dance. Small world indeed!


At 12/08/2004 4:49 PM, Blogger merychippus said...

It was my first pub trivia championship ever!

It's been years since I laughed as hard as I did when Thong was talking about downloading (or uploading!) kiddie porn over wireless broadband.

I still can't believe I was the only one there who knew the lines "We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way" from Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)."

At 12/08/2004 9:57 PM, Blogger sprizee said...

That song makes me wretch. HFH and I had to hear that crap outside of NY NY when we were down in Vegas earlier this year. Apparently some marketing genius thought it was appropriate at the 9/11 memorial. I think not.

Tell me you like that song and poof, you're dead to me.

At 12/08/2004 11:35 PM, Blogger successlessness said...

For the record i do not like that song but its horrible its almost entetaining.


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