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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fear For Me

This weekend I watched the first three episodes of Dallas (via Netflix) and really dug it. I mean I thought it was fantastic! But what does this say about me? Am I really turning into Bill from Freaks and Geeks? help!


At 12/07/2004 10:11 PM, Blogger sprizee said...

Nothing to do with this post, but...

You, walking from your bus stop to work.

Me, driving in my car getting off 520 at 40th.

You, listening to your headphones.

Me, trying to catch your eye and then driving on by.


At 12/08/2004 2:42 PM, Blogger successlessness said...

Oh dear, what were you doing in so early!

At 12/10/2004 2:29 PM, Blogger Wheelson said...

The coolest thing about Netflix to me is the ability to get old, cool TV shows. However, many that I once thought were cool are now dumb. I wonder if the reverse is true? I used to think Dallas as dumber than dumb...but at the time the A-Team and Nightrider were cool to me, which are now dumb.

Honestly I don't think I want to find out that this show I thought was totally dumb and that my mom loved is one that I might now like. I'll just trust you and assume that I might like it without having to watch it and enter into some weird Freudian mom thing.


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