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Friday, August 27, 2004

Quote of the Week

Cupid is a righteous dude
And I'm glad for everything he do'd
-Jad Fair, "Cupid"


At 8/27/2004 2:53 PM, Blogger merychippus said...

Please, reach into your quiver and deliver one last time
Believe me, I've paid for each lover's crime
So Cupid, if you're listening,
Won't you hear my plea?
And Cupid, don't be angry with me
-Nick Lowe, "Cupid Must Be Angry"

At 8/27/2004 3:36 PM, Blogger sprizee said...

I don’t know exactly what this means but I do know that Cupid is no righteous dude. He’s more like a twisted little brat who gets off on confusing people and causing all sorts of chaos.

Cruel, cruel Cupid.

P.S. How could I forget Chris Issak's Forever Blue from the best break up songs list?

"Nobody ever warns you, or tells you what to do.
She walks away, your left to stay.
Alone forever blue.

The stars have all stopped shining, the sun just won't break through.
Each days the same, more clouds more rain.
Your left forever blue.

Forever blue 'cause you love her, but she dosen't love you.
You did your best, life did the rest.
Your left forever blue.

No reason left for living, still there's alot to do.
New tears to cry, old songs to sing.
And feel forever blue.
And be forever....Blue"

At 8/28/2004 2:24 AM, Blogger christophre said...

um, so i don't know what any of y'all be meanin', but today, the bottle cap from my Honest Tea(tm) read:

the bad news: there is no key to the universe.
the good news: it was never locked.


so thus cupid is therefore righteous as such. q.e.d.

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