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Monday, August 16, 2004

CD Revue: Danger Mouse – The Grey Album

The idea of mixing Jay-Z's Black Album with the Beatles’ White Album sounds clever but I didn’t expect it to be legitimately good. This album is not a typical mash-up where a vocal is laid over a different track instead Danger Mouse uses the White album to as the soul sampling source to create new tracks for Jay-Z’s rap tracks. I wasn’t that familiar with Jay-Z before I liked the singles I knew but was never compelled to really investigate further, but this album has opened my eyes to what a great rapper Jay-Z is. The best track is "99 Problems" with its "Helter Skelter" track. Other favorites include “Change Clothes” ("Piggies") and "My 1st Song" ("Can You Take Back"). Download the Grey Album here.


At 8/20/2004 11:51 AM, Blogger Sally said...

I didn't expect the album to be great the first time I heard it, either. I never respected the Jay-Z until then. Then I found myself listening to 99 Problems over and over and over and over.

If ya havin girl problems, I feel bad for you son...


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