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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Triumph of the Twilight Campfighters

Tonight after watching the final debate. Headstart and I went across the street from her place to the Ravenna Ale House for pub trivia. It was one of the best nights of pub trivia that I have experienced. The questions were a good mix of academia and pop culture. The photo rounds were especially fun. The questions were all knowable nothing to obscure or too easy. At the end of 8 rounds, Headstart and I, playing under the name The Twilight Campfighters, found ourselves tied for first place with the team next to us, Oops I Ate a Bug. This deadlock required a tie breaker question. The question ended up being about what speech impediment some character in Stephen King's It had. Both Headstart and I knew the answer was stuttering but figured the other team would get it as well. But they didn't know it! And we won first place! And our prize $120!!! The Twilight Campfighters will return to next Wednesday to hopefully win more cash!


At 10/14/2004 12:16 PM, Blogger Headstart For Happiness said...

Best team name of the 12 teams: Jeter Swallows

Most obscure question: Hemingway's first novel, which was some novel that NOBODY could possibly know unless they were a Hemingway expert

Moment I could take back: It's Danny *Masterson* on That 70s Show, not Danny Matheson

Moment where I realized how much a genius (erm, or should I say nerdish freak) Successlessness is: When he identified Calvin Coolidge and Martin Van Buren by their photos

Round where we killed Oops: Movies!!

Lots of fun, and I am 60 bucks richer. Yay!


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