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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I'm Giving Up!...on The Family Guy

When The Family Guy was on Fox, I didn't think it was funny. When The Family Guy was on the Cartoon Network, I didn't think it was funny. When my brother bought the first two seasons of the The Family Guy on DVD, I shrugged and wonder why was he wasting money on a series that had only made me chuckle once but at least the discs make good coasters!

Humor is subjective of course but usually my sense of humor lines up with that of my brother. When more people that I respect like Just A Dude and FCW started praising it I began to wonder what was wrong with me? Am I some sort of humorless sad sack? So to try to figure out what I'm missing I borrowed the first two seasons from my brother.

It took me over a month to watch the first disc of seven 22 minute episodes and it was torture. I had to stop. The Critic is funnier than this show, and that show could be down right awful. A holocaust documentary has more laughs in it than this show. I think I need someone to root for in comedy. On some level I think you have to want to see the characters succeed and when they fail it is both funny and heartbreaking. I found myself either disliking or loathing every character on the show. Heartless, mean, ironic humor is apparently not for me. Stewy the evil genius baby is apparently a high point for many people but the joke got old for me really quickly. I gave it a good shot but this show is just not for me. I'll take The Office, Get a Life, South Park ,and Curb Your Enthusiasm instead.

One positive is that at least I now understand why people like this show. I will no longer wonder if there is something wrong with people that love this show. A lot of the plots and gags in the show are clever and funny in theory but the execution completely leaves me flat. The idea of Stewy being afraid that "the man in white" will return him to the womb on his first birthday is funny, but the execution of that idea is decidedly unfunny, at least for me.

If there is some ridiculously funny episode that might change my mind on the other 3 discs of the set let me know and I might check it out. Otherwise I'm giving these glorified coaster back to my brother!


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