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Friday, January 21, 2005

Hail Satan! \m/

This picture is just to good to be true. He's obviously just doing the doing the Hook'em Horns sign but it makes him look like he is a big Slayer or Ronnie James Dio fan. Not to mention the whole Bush is Satan angle. I guess a Norwegian newspaper was so disturbed by the picture that it ran on their front page today.

I am surprised by my lack of dread and apathy towards Bush's re-inauguration. Maybe I'm just avoid thinking about so as to not depress myself. You know if I don't recognize the problem maybe it will go away, right?

I initially just read his inauguration speech and thought wow what a hopeful positive speech! If John Kerry had given that speech I would have been really excited. But then I listened Bush delivering the speech. Holy god! He just murdered the speech and sucked the life out of it; even mangling the home run lines. Additionally, while I do believe bush really means what he says about spread democracy I don't trust him do it without making things worse.

Have we ever had a more fucked up less accountable administration? At least Nixon got nailed for his crimes. But Nixon didnt get in trouble till his second term so there's still time.


At 1/21/2005 12:51 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Isn't that considered an obscene gesture in some countries? Wouldn't that be appropriate for our evil little popinjay.

At 1/21/2005 4:53 PM, Blogger successlessness said...

Well you know George is the last guy to be sensitive to oher cultures. BTW my buddy FCW deserves credit for sending me the picture.


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