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Monday, October 25, 2004

Permanent Absentee

That phrase sounds mildly oxymoronic. Anyway here's how I voted:

Ballot Measures:
I-872 Top Two Primary: NO
I-884 1% Sales Tax Increase for Education: NO
I-892 Slot Machines: YES
R-55 Charter Schools: YES
I-297 Hazardous Waste Restrictions: NO
County Amendment Reduce Council Seats from 13 to 9: YES 1A
County Transportion Advisory Measure 1: YES
County Transportion Funding Advisory Measure 2: Gas Tax
Seattle Monorail Recall: NO GOD NO!

President: Kerry/Edwards (D)
Senator: Patty Murray (D)
House Dist 7: Jim McDermott (D)

Governor: Christine Gregoire (D)
Lt. Gov: Jocelyn Langlois (L)
Sec of State: Laura Ruderman (D)
Treasurer: Mike Murphy (D)
Auditor: Brian Sonntag (D)
Attorney General: Deborah Senn (D)
Lands Commisioner: Mike Cooper (D)
Superindendent: Judith Billings
Insurance Commisioner: Mike Kreidler (D)
Supreme Court 1: Mary Kay Becker
Supreme Court 5: Barbara Madsen
Supreme Court 6: Terry Sebring
House Dist 36 1: Helen Sommers (D)
House Dist 36 2: Mary Lou Dickerson (D)

Most of the races were a clear cut but a few were tough calls. I had a hard time voting for Deborah Senn but I like Rob McKenna better on the King County council. I voted Libertarian for Lt. Governor because Brad Owen is a dick and Langlois plan to eliminate the office sounds good to me. I almost voted For Richard Sanders for Supreme court but I'm worried he'll come down on the wrong side of the forthcoming monorail and gay marriage cases.

The ballot measures did require more thought. I-872 is completely asinine and will result in fewer choices for voters. Education needs to be better funded in this state but raising the sales tax by another penny on the dollar does no one any favors and the the Education Trust Fund board it would create is anti-democratic. Regarding I-892 I don't like slot machines but I think all gambling should be legalized and I hate hate hate hate hate the preachy ads against it. The initiative may hurt Tribal casinos almost caused me to vote no. I voted for Charter Schools (R-55) because I don't think just because a parent cares about their kids education they should be forced to have bad schools.

If you are a Seattle voter please, please, please vote No on I-83. We need to build this system or we will never have a real transit system. Don't be the tool of selfish rich property owners.


At 10/25/2004 10:26 AM, Blogger merychippus said...

Successlessness and I voted identically on the ballot measures and for all three federal offices, it turns out.

We differed in the following state races:
Governor: Ruth Bennett (L) -- I can't stand either Gregoire or Rossi.
Attorney General: Rob McKenna (R) -- I can see why we'd want to keep him on the King County Council, but Senn is too much of an activist.
Lands Commisioner: Steve Layman (L)
Supreme Court 6: Richard Sanders -- I can see the concerns about gay marriage but we need a good, solid libertarian on the Supreme Court

I urge all Washington voters to follow our lead on the ballot measures, especially I-872. I, too, "vote for the person, not the party"--in the GENERAL election. Don't mess with the primary! Do you really want third parties to be forever eliminated from the November ballot? Do you want Democrats to be forever eliminated from some districts' ballots, and Republicans from others'? Vote no!

And I echo Successlessness on I-83. Don't recall the monorail. Seattle has a long history of voting against public transit and look where we are today. Light rail is *not* scheduled to serve the communities the monorail is, and the no campaign is being funded by Downtown developers who own the property past which the monorail is to run.

Thank you and good night.

At 10/25/2004 8:59 PM, Blogger Jim said...


obviously you didn't read the driections of your ballot.

1) Your ballot must be marked in secret and shown to no one.


At 10/26/2004 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting votes. Voted almost exclusively for dems, then voted for over half of the far right sponsored initiatives. Conflicted?

At 10/26/2004 3:50 PM, Blogger successlessness said...

Conflicted? Nah... While in another era i could have been a moderate Republican, just color me a pragmatic moderate who hates the sales tax. STATE INCOME TAX NOW! I miss Ron Sims! He should be our Governor!

At 10/26/2004 5:22 PM, Blogger merychippus said...

"Far-right sponsored initiatives"...heh heh, only in Seattle could those be considered far right. Be thankful you don't live among the real far right!


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