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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

TV Scheduling

Monday: Other than Monday Night Football There is absolutely nothing to watch on Mondays. The only thing that looks remotely promising is Everwood but I'm already watching enough teen shows.

Tuesday: Wow, this night looks almost as barren than Monday! The only thing im planning on definately watching is Scrubs which is strangely on at 9:30 after that scary Siegfried & Roy CGI show. Veronica Mars on the UPN looks quirky and promising. I know Gilmore Girls is a great show but I'm to far behind to really get in to it now and I do plan on watching it on DVD.

Wednesday: Finally a night with two shows (Lost and Smallville) that I am really excited about and they are in at the same damn time slot. Smallville had a rather down year last year mainly steming from less Clark/Lex unspoken homeroticism but last season ended with a big surprise so it will be interesting to see where it all goes. Lost, the new show from Alias producer J.J. Abrams, looks like it has the potential to be awesome. The concept of a people stranded on a deserted mysterious island after a plane crash has me very intrigued.

Thursday: The best reality shows ever, Survivor and The Apprentice, back to back! Mark Burnett is a genius. The Apprentice looks like it could be better than the first season. With Survivor you never can tell how good it will be until the season starts but after the last series the show is definately on a roll. I'll also be definately watching The O.C., when it starts back up in November. The result of the shows out there are pretty uncompelling. CSI, like Law and Order, is a good show but not one i'll ever feel compelled to watch regularly when it is so readily available in syndication.

Friday: Hopefully, I'll have something better to do that watch TV on my Friday nights but if I'll definately be watching/taping Star Trek: Enterprise. Yes, I am a Trek watching geek. After two mediocre seasons, Enterprise really gelled last season and while the season ending cliff hanger featuring Nazi Aliens was silly I am anxious to see how it turns out.

Saturday: The networks have finally given up on Saturday nights. Most of the shows are reruns. I may try to watch or tape The Amazing Race. But i'll proably just watch College Football.

Sunday: Regardless of what the networks put on this night HBO owns Sunday night. I am really excited about the third season of The Wire. It is criminally underrated and is as good if better than the best HBO shows. King of the Hill, The Simpsons, and Arrested Development will be worth watching as always. I plan on watching Alias when it starts back up in January and Desperate Housewives looks interesting. I am also very hyped about Boston Legal. James Spader and William Shatner totally saved The Practice from its self and now they have a new show built around their characters that looks like a lot of fun.


At 9/20/2004 2:03 PM, Blogger sprizee said...

For the record, I can't stand Survivor anymore. I don't know what happened but somewhere between season 1 & 2 I stopped caring about all the stupid challenges.

And I'm sure by now you're saying to yourself, "and for the record Sprizee I hate you" (in your head)... hopefully in a joking sort of a way.

P.S. I still like The Apprentice but I think that's mostly because of The Trump's hair/toupe/rat-thing-on-his-head.... what the hell?

At 9/20/2004 4:02 PM, Blogger successlessness said...

I know what you mean. No hating here. I didnt watch seasons 3-5 very regualrly. And I didnt watch season 6 at all. I started watching again with season 7 last fall and that season was awesome. The All-star season 8 was even better. I missed last weeks premier but i hope season 9 continues this positive trend.

At 9/20/2004 9:00 PM, Blogger merychippus said...

Everwood is good stuff!


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