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Friday, September 10, 2004

What Not to Say to Strangers

My friend FCW recently sold a desk to a gentleman through an online classifieds service. The buyer mistakenly overpaid for the item and FCW had been slow in repaying him. When FCW apologized for the delay and enquired when the buyer was leaving work today, so she could drop off what was owed the buyer had this reply (it should be noted that FCW is a married woman and that the buyer met her husband when he picked up the desk):
Actually I do want to "SEE YOU". Something you said on the phone that night, just reminded me of a painful world I am sadly a part of!

What? It's possible this guy is not a native English speaker but there is a long way from "hey, where's my money" to "you reminded me of the painful world." I'm not even sure if its meant to be a come on or a denunciation. Wisely, FCW has decided to donate all future unused furniture to charity.


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