You've Been Asleep for a Hundred Seconds

Monday, September 06, 2004


The final day of Bumbershoot was a mix of fun, giddiness and exhaustion. I woke up feeling under the weather and wondered if I was coming down with what Headstart has been suffering through this weekend. But on a day that promised Harvey Pekar, Nick Lowe and the Pixies I didn't consider doing anything other than soldiering on.

I started out with Harvey Pekar. He was even better than he was last night. The Bagley Wright was completely packed and Harvey was loving the crowds vibe. He started off repeating some of the same stories from the night before but late lauunched in to some new stuff and really got going during the Q&A portion. Afterwards I hooked up to Headstart, who hadn't been able to get in but was near the front of the autographs line. Headstart got an American Splendor DVD autographed while I settled for a handshake.

Headstart had hooked us up with some VIP passes so it looked to be an exciting day. After getting some lunch we headed over to see Nick Lowe and Sprizee later joined us for a bit. We had some choice seats upfront. While waiting we realized that our VIP passes likely would get us backstage where the illustrious Nick was and it was very cool to stand around next to him but when the show started the sound backstage proved less than satisfactory so we tried to return to our old seats but of course they were now taken. And the sound where we were able to stand was less than ideal and considering that we are going to Portland on Wednesday to Nick again we decided to bag it.

After leaving Nick I realized how profoundly exhausted and sick I was feeling. The whole Bumbershoot rigmarole was getting tiring on the third day. Eventually I decided it was best to call it a day rather than feel worse tomorrow. Does this make me a lame-o for missing the Pixies? Hell yeah! Will I probably regret it> Hell Yeah! Am I still glad I bailed and went home to rest? Hell Yeah! Err maybe. Oh Well...

Headstart was ever the trooper and is probably enjoying the hell out of herself with Sprizee right now!


At 9/07/2004 2:45 PM, Blogger merychippus said...

The Nick show was amazing. Too bad you bagged it!
Here's hoping that Nick returns to the Northwest sometime before Bumbershoot 2022 (and that he lives that long)!


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