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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I Heart Ron Sims

There is only one good choice for Governor this year, Ron Sims, and unfortunately he will probably lose today's primary. I haven't always been a fan of Sims in his time as King County Executive, but he has completely one me over in this campaign. Sims is the only candidate with real ideas and not vague platitudes about putting education first or some of the bullshit Christine "my mom was a short order cook!" Gregoire spouts.

Sims realizes the only way anything will get fixed in Olympia is by fixing the fucked up tax system. Sims wants to remove both the Sales Tax and Business and Opertations (B&O) tax and replace them with a graduated income tax while lowering property taxes. An income tax is iminently more fair thatn a sales tax which is hopelessly regressive. The B&O tax is one of the dumbest taxest ever devised as it taxes a businesses revenue rather than its profit, which means that even if your business lost money you still have to pay the tax and that tax could be what makes you close your business. Sims plan would end the boom-bust cycle that state goverment goes through with the sales tax where revenues are bursting in good times and come come up short in bad times.

Sims is also a realist and said in last weeks TV debate (which Gregoire strangely boycotted) that if his tax reform plan does not get passed there is not will in the legistalture or in the public to riase existing taxes then cuts will have to be made. Sims is not a veteran of Olympia which while Gregoire portrays that as a negative I see it as a big positive. Olympia needs some one that can shock the system not just coddle the establishment. Vote Ron!


At 9/15/2004 9:34 AM, Blogger successlessness said...

Well Sims got his ass kicked by Gregoire. Oh well, I guess big ideas won't get you anywhere.

At 9/15/2004 12:34 PM, Blogger Headstart For Happiness said...

It's all about name recognition, baby. Boo!

At 9/15/2004 1:18 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Oh well, I wanted Sims too. At least Senn seems to have defied the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's attack ads. Hope she can do it in the general election.

Gregoire bothers me mostly for the same reason Schell does. Delegating culpability for their own screw ups to others, while hijacking credit for other's accomplishments. I thought it was especially egregious with Schell, an ex-Marine officer, where the single most important leadership tenet is "Take care of your troops." Failure to praise in public and reprimand in private is considered by most Marines to be stupid and cowardly.

So now it is a choice between Gregoire and another big business sock puppet. Yippee.


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