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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


My best friend at work Nicole (aka FCW) has left for another position in our company. She still works with our team but works out in Issaquah now thereby depriving me of a daily stream of brilliant and silly conversation. She is very much missed but her new job (managing a small corporate library) is way cooler than her old one and I was lucky enough to inherit one of her cooler tasks, compiling a daily media and entertainment News alert and a thrice weekly video game news alert.

Compiling these news alerts is a lot of fun and it really makes my mornings zip by. For instance today, I sent thousands of people a link to an article about Motley Crue and the other day it was the Cannes Film Festival. Today I found what looked like a promising article by Conan O’Brien on "The Future of Television" in Newsweek, but then I read it. It is hilarious but not something I could send out, so read it and bask in the glory of Conan’s genius.

Nicole, you are desperately missed around here but I love getting to read goofy articles as part of my job. It is so much easier to get up in the morning now. Now if I can just manage make my subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly and Game Informer in tax write-offs...


At 5/27/2005 4:38 PM, Blogger FCW said...

Aren't the news alerts brilliant!! Be happy I didn't saddle you up with the lame, boring ones that I did!!


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