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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Doubting Street Memo

All this hubbub about the Downing Street Memo is really overblown. I've read the said memo and supporting documents and I fail to see this smoking gun that proves "WE MUST IMPEACH BUSH NOW!" This isn’t the Pentagon Papers just yet. It may be the start of something big but the idea that the DSM amounts to a smoking gun is wishful thinking at best. I think we really ought to wait until more comes out be fore we start trying to storm the Bastille. And the mean time lets focus on the here and now and the future rather than rehashing old battles that we lost. If Democrats put half is much effort into doing something as a party as we do on attacking out idiot President wewouldn'tt be losing all these elections.

Still doubt me? Read Christopher Hitchens latest which dismisses the thing.


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