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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Dwarven Stones

Sometimes I feel like I am such a dork that I'll never be remotely cool. But sometimes I hear things that remind me that I'm really not that big of a geek at after all. For instance, my friend FCW is going to be maid-of-honor at a wedding this weekend and she just found out what the groom is giving to his groomsmen as thank you gifts; fancy sets of amethyst multi-sided dice. Oh wait, they are properly called "Dwarven Stones". Not surprisingly the groom is a dungeon master and he and his friends play all day every Saturday and the bachelor party consisted of a weekend of gaming.

I may be a big dork but I certainly won't giving gold-plated Illuminati cards or emerald-encrusted Green Lantern rings to the members of my wedding party!


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