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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Your Head'll Collapse If There's Nothing In It

I just found the weirdest most mind blowing bunch of MP3s on a newsgroup. They were labeled as being part of "Frank Balck Album", yes Balck not Black, and all the track titles were Pixies songs. I figured what the hell and downloaded the lot of them. The tracks them selves are pretty impressive. They are experimental reworking of Pixies classics with new vocals from Frank. At first I thought they were from some strange internet mash-up type thing but it turns out they are from the forthcoming album Frank Black Francis, a collaboration between Frank and Two Pale Boys.

These tracks are really amazing. Holiday Song has a marching band arrangement, Monkey Gone to Heaven is a slinky almost bossanova tune, and Nimrod's Sonsounds like a deconstructed Residents song. Their are lots of Jazz type arrangements and other weird stuff. Frank's new vocals are awesome. I can't wait to pick this up when it comes out legitimately!


At 7/20/2004 9:55 AM, Blogger cutaway said...

dude, burn me a copy! (I am sprizee's owner ;-) (now she is going to hit me :( ))

At 7/20/2004 11:46 AM, Blogger sprizee said...

My owner! That's it. Just wait until there's no witnesses around Xan.

Then it's go time!


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