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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

CD Revue: The Bees – Free The Bees

The Bees are the only band I know of to hail from the Isle of Wight and they may be one of the least original bands ever, even more unoriginal than the White Stripes. They are also verge on brilliance. It’s much easier to believe they are some undiscovered 60s British band than a actual current band. Their music recalls the Kinks, the Jam, the Who, and even The Beatles. The retro factor is limiting because it makes it all seem like a glorified exercise in recreating the past that it distracts from the music itself. The album gets off to a ridiculous start with “Chicken Payback”, which is a 60s style stupid dance song. “Horseman” is a neat garage rocker with nice harmonies. “Wash in the Rain” is the closest they get to contemporary and even then it still reminds me of the Small Faces. All the rest of the songs are great but the album as whole while fun lacks heart.


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