You've Been Asleep for a Hundred Seconds

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Netflix Is Trying To Break Your Heart

Last night, I had my third consecutive night with no plans so I just relaxed at home. After going for a nice walk and eating a chicken salad, I settled down to watch some Netflix.

I had to choices The Spy Who Came In From the Cold and The Warriors. I had been looking forward to seeing both for some time. I figured I could watch both in one evening no problem. I watched The Spy Who... first but it was a let down. It was not nearly as taut or exciting as most other John LeCarre stuff that I've seen or read. Next was The Warriors which has been a personal favorite ever since I as a kid. But when I slid the DVD out of its sleeve the dice was split in two. It sorta ruined my nice evening!

Damn you Netflix! The replacement copy you send me tomorrow better be mint! Or I'll... do nothing I guess...


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