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Friday, September 24, 2004

The Return of Jack Tanner

While reading the big Cynthia Nixon comes out of the closet article in in the New York Daily News, I was excited to find that her current project is Tanner on Tanner, a sequel to Tanner '88. Robert Altman and Gary Trudeau's 1988 mini-series about a liberal Congressman's failed campaign for the White Housewas re-aired earlier this year on the Sundance Channel and comes out on DVD next month. When I was watching this series, which includes frequent appearances by real politcal figures, back in the spring I wished Altman was doing the same thing now and wonder what it would turn out like. But I didn't expect them to actually do a whole new series! Tanner on Tanner starts on the Sundance Channel on October 5th.


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